Trent was trying to pretend he wasn’t high at work, but his huge pupils gave the game away.
Me trying to get my life together

In 1974, a wealthy couple sailed with a year’s worth of supplies to the remote island of Palmyra, hoping they could live safe and alone in a deserted paradise. When they arrived, an ex-convict stole their boat and murdered them.   Source

Damn son

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Into the Future! The Making of “Beyond Cyberpunk!” tells the entire story of this essential and influential software from 1991.

Beyond Cyberpunk! was divided into four zones: Manifestos, Media, Street Tech, and Cyberculture. Each zone contained essays, reviews, artwork, animations, and sounds. There were over 600 “cards,” over 300 articles, 122 different sound clips, 19 animations, and 35 text pop-ups. There was also a glossary with vocal pronunciations, and a 1000-word hyperlinked index.

Budgets had been slashed for this years Santa parade. Organisers had no choice but to cut corners.


everything good makes you fat an addict or broke

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